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Seller's Secrets
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Are you Thinking of Selling Your Property?

Prepare for your SALE!
There is lots to consider in the process of selling your home. No doubt you want to get as much for your property as the market will bare and now that you have made your decision to move on, you probably want to get it all over with. If this is your first time for selling, or if its been a long time since you sold before you may discover there is more to getting the right price, sooner then later, than meets the eye. Call to get your copy of my FREE eBook, The Home Seller's Guide. This is more than fifty pages of interesting and helpful facts about selling real estate that provides a solid understanding in navigating all the steps to a successfull sale of your property.

If you have become discouraged in unsuccessful attempts to sell your home for months, it's a clear message that there may be something going wrong in your marketing plan! Have you really been reaching the marketplace with the right presentation?

If there haven't been many showings from the list price there may be a hidden problem. Professional appraisers know that property is only worth as much as a buyer will pay for it... today! "Buyers do silently decide market value!"

HOWEVER, the problem is not always the price! If you have had the showings but no offers it may be a breakdown in the consumer's perception between observable value and the price you have set. Often, my Power Tips advice providing inexpensive ways to increase the “Consumer Value Perception” of property has revived a dormant listing into a hot prospect commanding top dollar! Savvy marketing knows you must balance the market value - price perception because everything will sell if the price matches the consumer perception!

You may have to wait years for market inflation to catch up to your price now OR you could use my knowledge that is the power to change the rules that may be holding back your sale today!

If you really do want to sell, you have found the right experienced REALTOR® who also actually has a real Marketing Plan for reaching the buyers and the dedicated skills to make your desire a reality.

Knowledge is my Power!
Achievement is my Skill!

When selling your home, my objective to maximize your net worth in the sale of your property is propelled by my years of experience, knowledge I share with you to gain the maximum consumer presentation and my PowerSeller Marketing Plan, coupled with seasoned professional negotiating skills, and friendly service that will make our project together a stress-less joy.

What will PowerSeller Marketing Plan Do?
Anna Powell has built her professional reputation on providing clients powerful realtor services with the most knowledgeable resources possible. Knowledge is the Power that puts More Money in your Pocket! Anna offers you her free Home Seller's Guide packed with over sixty pages of practical knowledge to help you maximize your return on your largest investment! This coupled with her PowerSeller Marketing Plan is an extensive package of Home Selling Wisdom to enable you to achieve the best price, fastest sale, in the smartest most economical way!
When you list your property with Anna you are provided powerful options to market your home and an advertising campaign to suit your needs. puts more dollars into Your Pockets!
    And I am 100% committed to:
• Selling your home in the shortest time possible
• Getting you absolute top market dollar possible
• Ensuring very accurate Market Evaluation
• Freely providing ongoing Market Evaluation
• Implementing the most effective PowerSellers Marketing Plan that is second to none
• Providing the most Professional Real Estate Service in Peel Region
• Promises Made are Promises Kept!
If you have a home to buy or sell or that has expired but just not sold, my written PowerSeller Marketing Plan allows you to see exactly what Full Service Real Estate really means. You will also see the plan unfold in a step by step process that insures our successful sale of your property with minimum inconvenience ...AND MAXIMUM RESULTS!

Let’s talk about Real Estate Maximized
to put your Best Interests to Work!

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